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Full Stack Technology Environment

Collaboration of Technology "SmartThings IoT"

Interaction Design Technology Full Stack.

Recent My Projects :

Used Technology :

SmartCommerce Solution

Technology Smart e-Commerce Solution Payment Gateway, Kurir.

RWD Technology

Work And Learn Backend & Front End tech Responsive Design HTML/HTML5/CSS/CSS3 for Interfaces and Development & Production With PHP Pure/Procedural/OOP/MVC/Framework PHP.

UI/UX Design

Work and Learn With UI/UX Mockup Prototype Design, then Generate/Export/Convert IMG/PSD to Beautiful Interfaces HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JQuery, CSS & JS Minify cache, SASS/SCSS,Less, SPA AngularJS, Font Awesome, Bootstrap for Front/Back End Page Segment.

Mobile Apps Tech

Work and learn Mobile Apps tech use with Hybrid/Native Development.


Work and learn REST API tech development then implementation for payment gateway, Grab system, and many mores.

Integrated SmartIoT "Internet Of Things"

Work and learn IoT concept and then collaboration with Apps Development.

Smart Friendly Interfaces

Make and Learn finishing Smart Friendly All Devices in User Interfaces Combine All Fullstack technology.

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